Creme Global powering California LGMA’s “Romaine Test & Learn”

The California LGMA (Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement) has taken a significant step towards enhancing food safety practices by launching an ambitious two-year initiative called “Romaine Test & Learn.” The program is in collaboration with Western Growers and utilizing the innovative GreenLink data sharing and analytics platform powered by Creme Global.

The aim is to collect and analyze members’ pathogen test data for romaine lettuce. This ground-breaking study seeks to improve microbial food safety knowledge and drive global collaboration in the agriculture industry.

The LGMA’s Commitment to Food Safety

The California LGMA is a renowned food safety program that unites farmers to enhance the safety of lettuce and leafy greens. Covering over 70% of the nation’s lettuce and leafy greens production, equivalent to more than 30 billion servings annually, the LGMA plays a crucial role in safeguarding consumers’ health.

Romaine Test & Learn: A Game-Changing Initiative

The Romaine Test & Learn initiative represents a monumental step forward for food safety in the fresh produce industry. By collecting and analyzing pathogen test data from LGMA members, with a specific focus on pre-harvest and post-harvest testing, this study aims to identify potential microbial risks to leafy greens’ safety.

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology

To ensure comprehensive data collection, LGMA members anonymously input their testing data into the state-of-the-art GreenLink data sharing and analytics managed by Western Growers using the Creme Global platform. This secure platform houses crucial information, including sample size, sample date, sample stage, sampling region, commodity description, organisms tested, test results, and organism type.

Uncovering Crucial Insights

Expert scientists, along with third-party researchers, will meticulously analyze the aggregated data to glean invaluable insights. Several potential ways in which the data may be analyzed include:

  • Frequency of pathogen detection per region.
  • Differences in pathogen positivity rates depending on sample collection time and location.
  • Correlation of test results with the risk profile associated with leafy greens.
  • Identification of areas where changes to current LGMA food safety standards may be needed.

The Vision of Collaboration

One of the central themes of the Romaine Test & Learn project is the importance of sharing data to enhance safety standards. This sharing of information fosters a collaborative approach similar to the proven airline safety model, ensuring continuous improvement and industry-wide collaboration. According to Tim York, the CEO of LGMA, “Our commitment lies in making lettuce even safer for consumers to enjoy. With food safety as the paramount goal, the Romaine Test & Learn project embodies a shared vision of continuous improvement and industry-wide collaboration.”

A Milestone for Food Safety

Jan Berk, the LGMA chair, emphasized that Romaine Test & Learn represents the most significant change for food safety since the inception of LGMA. The initiative enables companies to learn from each other, share best practices, and collectively enhance food safety standards.

Revolutionizing Food Safety in the Fresh Produce Industry

The Romaine Test & Learn initiative is a landmark project that exemplifies the commitment of the California LGMA and Western Growers to advancing food safety practices. By leveraging the power of data and collaboration, this study aims to revolutionize the fresh produce industry’s approach to ensuring safe, quality lettuce and leafy greens for consumers worldwide. The insights gleaned from this two-year study have the potential to set new benchmarks for food safety and drive innovation and progress in the agriculture sector. With the industry’s collective efforts, consumers can rest assured that every bite of romaine lettuce is not only delicious but also safe.

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