Business Intelligence & Analytics

Your team should get the information they need when they need it, whether that be via dashboard, report, email or app.


Explore your data and discover opportunities.


Get alerts when key thresholds are met and get help carrying out the next action.

Our business intelligence solutions help you see clearly. Some of the capabilities we build are:


Visualise Data for Exploration

We provide tools and interactive charts that allow you quickly understand patterns and, relationships, spot opportunities and predict outcomes. We work with you to design charts that are understandable across the team.

Data Preparation

We work with you to ensure that the preparation and ingestion of software is automated or very simple for any team member.

Predict outcomes

Go beyond analytics and use your data to predict opportunities and dangers. Gain a competitive advantage. Companies who embrace an analytics culture have been shown to outperform the competition.

It was a pleasure working with Creme Ltd. We truly appreciated the high level of knowledge and professionalism demonstrated by Creme throughout this project.

Dr Barbara Hall, L’Oreal and Chairperson of Colipa Safety Team
Colipa European Cosmetics Industry Association