Predict the risks in your food manufacturing

Harness your data to control bacteria in food processing facilities and your supply chain.


The tool for accurate and predictive quality control

Quicker and more accurate quality control analysis of the bacteria present in food facilities with our predictive software tool and data set.

A safer and sustainable food supply chain

Mitigate against the risk of bacterial contamination in the food supply chain in a smarter, faster and more specific way while also improving sustainability.

Creme Global Clients include:

A tailored solution keeping ahead of market development

The old one-size-fits-all approach to microbial safety is no longer sufficient and using the power of sequencing, big data and data science, every plant can tailor its approach to address the characteristics unique to it.

The performance and regulatory advantage for your business.

Combine genomic data analytics and machine learning with conventional microbiological monitoring to secure improved operational performance and better regulatory compliance/public health outcomes for your business.

Determine the risk in your food manufacturing now and in the future


  • Advanced Microbiological Monitoring in Food Production Operations
  • Predictive Modelling and Machine Learning
  • Identify types and numbers of microbes present (this is the microbiome)
  • Visualise seasonal changes in the microbiome
  • Monitor effectiveness of hygiene and quality control measures or the impact of operational changes
  • Trace spatial spread of problem microbes in the plant
  • Compare data at different sites within a plant
  • Compare data among plants to identify patterns that are unique to a particular location

Why leading food manufacturers choose predictive food risk analysis from CremeGlobal

CremeGlobal has developed the most accurate food safety models in the world.

Creme Global advances global consumer health, safety and nutrition through its world-class scientific modelling, data science, AI and predictive capabilities.

Our multidisciplinary science team has over 100 peer-reviewed publications and they help set and inform the standards for regulators and industries around the world.

Creme Global works with the largest food, cosmetic and chemical brands in the world such as Danone, Mars, Nestle/Purina and Pepsi along with regulators in the US and Europe (US FDA, FSA UK, FSA Ireland).


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Awards for innovation in the Deloitte Fast 50


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Predict the risks in your food manufacturing
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