Food Safety

We work with leading organisations across different sectors to enable better decision making in food science, human health, operational risk and scenario analysis.

Children’s Health and Food Packaging - TCD

Is our children's health affected by the packaging their food comes in?

Domain: Food Safety, Packaging        Software used: Creme Food Safety

Activities: Domain consultancy | Consumer Intake Assessment | Safe Data Collection | Data wrangling


FACET, standing for Flavours, Additives and Food Contact Materials Exposure Tool, is an advanced consumer exposure analysis tool for Europe.

Domain: Packaging / Food Safety

Activities: Software Development | Model Development & Deployment | Safe Data Collection & Analytics


Predictive Models and Software for Listeria Monocytogenes in Ready-To-Eat Meats with varying Antimicrobial use.

Domain: Food Safety

Activities: Advanced Model Creation | Software Development | Safe Data Collection | Data Wrangling