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Confidential data collaboration solution.

The Data Portal is a user-friendly solution to accurately gather business-sensitive data and get the insights you need on a single platform. Data Portal is ideal for implementing secure and confidential data trusts. If you depend on good data to make decisions, Data Portal is the solution for you.

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A data trust is a legal and technological framework for managing shared data. Collaborating on data sharing projects can be challenging, in particular when the data required resides in multiple silos, or with different organizations. This challenge increases further for confidential or business-sensitive data. There are a variety of ways to collate this type of data such as email and spreadsheets or hiring a law firm. Each has strengths and weaknesses. After over a decade of working with industry to address this challenge, Data Portal solution delivers a highly efficient and flexible solution to meet your data collaboration and data trust needs.

Multiple sources.
Unique insights.

The Data Portal is a unique and powerful solution for organizations and consortia seeking a user-friendly, robust way to gather and centralize data from multiple sources.


  • Control and manage user access across multiple complex organizations.

  • Anonymise and aggregate your data on a highly secure state-of-the-art online platform. 

  • Automated data validation. 

  • Automated analytics. 

  • Ensure accountability of the data with the track and trace feature.

Uncompromisingly confidential
and flexible.

Data Portal is designed to simplify your journey from data collection to data trust and on to advanced modeling and visualizations, while maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and anonymity.


Collecting Data

Data Portal allows organizations to establish a safe haven to collect, collate, analyze and disseminate information and intelligence in a data trust. Our customizable business-first logic replaces internal or cross-organizational process based on spreadsheets and email sharing, reducing the administrative burden required to collect and analyze the data. Data Portal can facilitate various, user-tailored data collection templates with automatic verification of data or multiple APIs to automatically collect data from various sources.

Validate and Anonymize Data

Collected data is automatically made usable, organized for easy processing. Multiple data approval and encryption steps can be configured before it is merged to the organization database and utilized in visualization dashboards.

Insights Delivered

Data Portal can instantly deliver powerful visualizations based on data you collect. These interactive dashboards enable users to view, interrogate and trend all data submitted as well as historical, or public source data. Dashboards can be customized and further expanded by introduction of existing or bespoke machine learning models to generate even clearer insights.

Success stories

Explore how leading organizations are using Data Portal to benefit from access to collaborative data. These use cases showcase how companies are using the platform to improve food safety, identify issues they could not on their own, and enable self-regulation by having the best possible data and insight.


There is a major shift occurring in the regulatory sector. The “New Era For Smarter Food Safety” by the US FDA is a prime example of this. Enabling data-driven decisions is central to this mandate. 

Creme Global was recently awarded a sole source contract by the US FDA bringing their unique internationally recognised expertise in developing and deploying a Seafood Data Trust. The FDA is responsible for ensuring that the nation’s food supply is safe, sanitary, and honestly labeled.

“We are extremely pleased to have been awarded this contract by the US FDA. This is a very exciting project which is perfectly aligned with our company mission and goals. It paves the way for smarter collection and use of data for the benefit of all.”
Cronan McNamara, Founder and CEO of Creme Global
Cronan McNamara
CEO, Creme Global


Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) and Creme Global have partnered to develop and curate highly business-sensitive chemical concentration data from the chemical manufacturing industry as well as aggregate exposure model for fragrance materials that has substantially improved consumer safety and reduced the use of animal testing in the fragrance industry.

Western Growers

Find out how we helped Western Growers analyze individual company data and anonymously compare and benchmark food safety performance against aggregated industry data. Through increased collaboration and sharing of data via this data trust, users can now identify trends and key insights while providing factual, data-based industry-level responses to regulatory inquiries and buyer demands.


Fiin members represent a cross-section of the food industry from the UK, Ireland and a number of other EU. Find out how we helped them by building an anonymous data trust that gave Fiin members a broader view of what is happening with supplies from across the globe.

Get access to Data Portal

What you get with Data Portal is a highly secure and user-friendly platform where you can provide controlled access to your members, customers or collaborators. Facilitate and manage users for each company.

  • Up to 5 organizations

  • Up to 6 users

  • 1 data approver per organization

  • Single visualization dashboard

  • Up to 20 organizations

  • Up to 30 users

  • 5 approvers per organization

  • Data validation included

  • Automated data upload included

  • Up to 5 dashboards

  • User onboarding and training included

  • Unlimited organizations

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited number of approvers

  • Data validation included

  • Automated data upload included

  • Unlimited dashboards

  • Predictive model & Machine Learning  included

  • User onboarding and training included

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Free consultancy call

Contact us today for a free 1-hour Data Portal consultancy session. In this session, we will guide you through the steps involved in setting up a data collaboration platform. Everything from who should be involved, the types of data, the types of users and how to get insight. You will have a clear path to success and we can answer your questions and help you map out the framework that will best suit your needs.


At a practical level, how does an organization make this happen?

You can of course come chat to us with no obligation. Our team is happy to talk through your options and can offer insight on how similar organizations progress a project like this internally and externally. Read more for a simplified overview of the steps involved.

Answering frequently asked questions

This platform is designed to facilitate data sharing and aggregation in a structured, transparent,  secure, easy-to-use way either within or between organisations and/or companies. For example, if an industry association would like to gather data from its members, or a large organisation (such as a company or government agency) would like to gather data from within its many departments or team) this system is ideal.

In the default configuration, no. However, this is configurable should it be required for the full group or for specific subgroups.

We can allocate permissions to review data (as well as approve submissions, etc…) in a granular way within a company. If the user has required permissions to review the data, they will be able to see all of the company data, if they don’t they will only see the data they submitted.

Yes, every submission, approval and data change is tracked so that it can be seen who made the upload or changes.

Contact Creme Global customer support at or call +1 202 922 1311 (USA) or +353 1 6770071 (Europe & Rest of the World) to speak with the customer support team.

This is the role of the data approver(s). Each organisation can allocate one or more of their accounts to be data approvers. These are the only accounts that can allow data to progress to the master data set. The non-approver accounts or uploader accounts can upload data for review but cannot approve that data for transmission to the master data set. There is a clear and user-friendly workflow in the system to facilitate this.

Yes, organisations can assign uploader accounts to people in third-party organisations, such as labs. Make sure those users do not have to approve rights to transfer the data into your master data set.


Then by assigning one or more approver accounts in your organisation, these users can then check the data and if they are satisfied with it they can approve it for transmission to the master data set. There is a clear and user-friendly workflow in the system to facilitate this.

Yes. It is simple to edit, reupload, or delete data before approval. After approval, it is still possible to reverse updates but requests must be submitted to Admin.

Yes. It is possible to automate data upload. This is typically done by establishing an API to automate the data transfer. This can greatly aid data validation, and only preapproved data and fields will be transferred, hence also simplifying the data approval step.

Yes. User access and User roles can be customised as required.

Yes, MFA can be made available upon request.

Yes. Data from multiple sources can be included, e.g. pricing, weather, geospatial, Social media and many others.

Yes. Data from multiple sources can be included, e.g. pricing, weather, geospatial, Social media and many others.

The Data Portal system provides specific workflows as well as granular user permissions and structured data formats designed specifically for secure and reliable data collection, aggregation and anonymisation. The system provides various different user access rights and privileges including upload-only, review, approve data submission, view analytics, share data, etc… The system also provides transparency over what data has been uploaded, submitted and approved for aggregation into the master data and by which user. Furthermore, the system is directly integrated with advanced visualisation (dashboard) capabilities and predictive analytics, scientific modelling and machine learning software infrastructure.

Ownership of the data does not transfer through the use of this platform, the original owner of the data (data submitted) retains ownership of the data. A data agreement is put in place as part of the licence agreement to clearly specify ownership and access rights to the original data, aggregated data, anonymised data and analytics.

Contact Creme Global customer support at or call +1 202 922 1311 (USA) or +353 1 6770071 (Europe & Rest of the World) to speak with the customer support team.

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