Predictive Model Development

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How do we do it

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Our easy to use, web-based software products enable organisations to gather and leverage new data and use it to drive custom developed predictive models.

Understanding the problem

At Creme Global we have developed hundreds of successful models. At the beginning of an analytics project we engage in workshops with our client to first establish what decisions need to be made. Once these decisions are established in principle we investigate what data is available to facilitate decision making. Finally we consider how these decisions can be better informed using data analytics.

Collecting and exploring the data

We work with our client to gain access to all the necessary data. Then we undertake the process of cleaning the data. Our scientists at this point will identify any gaps and corner cases in the data, which may or may not require client collaboration to address. Finally we explore the data through visualisations to truly understand the data intuitively.

Developing the model

When our data scientists are comfortable with the data it is time to work on the model. We firstly identify inputs, outputs and key variables. We then draft the necessary number of candidate models in Python or R. Finally we carry out extensive experimentation, testing and validation to select the best model.

Analyse, report and iterate

Finally we can use our model(s) to predict outcomes. We run our model to produce outputs. These outputs are analysed and visualised. For purely analytics-based projects these outputs often end up in a report. Our results are then stored and documented for reproducibility. We may then examine the potential for creating a production version of the model.

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Developing predictive models

Our expert team can guide you through the process of data collection, model development and testing.

Software development

We can also help you build a software tool around the model and data.

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Our products have a proven track record of tackling the most complex challenges in food safety and consistently delivering significant efficiencies and value to our clients and partners.

Access to data

Managing, sourcing and leveraging data is at the core of what we do. From access to validated data sets to designing bespoke data collection tools, we can guide you towards gaining valuable insights from data across various industries.

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You can lean on our experience to get the most out of scientific models and data.


Our training provides a comprehensive overview of what the model does and why you should use it, as well as a detailed how-to use the model and data.

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