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Our platform hosts products and solutions that enable leading organisations to achieve better decision making in food science, human health, operational risk and scenario analysis. Used by industry leaders, main regulatory bodies and researchers in academia.

Cosmetics exposure

Creme Care is our unique software tool for consumer analysis and safety assessment of personal care and cosmetic products.

Food Safety exposure

Creme Food Safety is our unique software tool that helps you quantify aggregate exposure and develop safer products faster and more effectively.

Crop protection exposure

CARES NG is a cloud-based tool and probabilistic model, built upon public data and used to estimate aggregate and cumulative exposure to pesticides.

Nutrition reformulation

Creme Nutrition is a unique online dietary intake analysis tool which utilises pre-installed or user’s own data to assess and understand nutrient and food intakes, the impact of changes in formulation, portion sizes, food replacement in populations across the globe in a fast, streamlined, easy to use manner.

Dietary Intake Intelligence Tool

Dietary Intake Intelligence Tool

Dietary Intake Intelligence Tool combines the latest dietary intake data with a versatile, simple to use data interrogation tool.

Creme Global Platform

Scientific Modeling

Release the full power of your data and discover key insights to answer the questions that matter to you with scientific modeling and analytics side of our platform.

Creme Global Platform

Data Collection
and Sharing

Data Collection and Sharing on our platform facilitates secure collection of diverse datasets and hosts data collection portals.

Creme Global Platform

Data Portal

The Data Portal is a user-friendly solution to accurately gather business-sensitive data and get the insights you need on a single platform. Data Portal is ideal for implementing secure and confidential data trusts.

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Our products are used by some of the largest companies and main regulatory bodies from around the world.

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Data Sharing on Creme Global Platform

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