Our products enable leading organisations to achieve better decision marking in food science, human health, operational risk and scenario analysis.

Food Safety

Creme Food Safety™

Understand aggregate exposure, a key factor in food safety assessments

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Personal Care

Creme Care™

Creme Care is our unique software tool for consumer analysis and safety assessment of personal care and cosmetic products

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Creme Nutrition™

Creme Nutrition is a unique online dietary intake analysis tool which allows companies accurately assess nutrient and food intakes across the globe

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Personal Care

Creme RIFM™

The Creme RIFM model provides a detailed aggregate systemic and dermal exposure assessment system for fragrance compounds

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CARES NG is a cloud-based probabilistic model that is built upon public data and used to estimate aggregate and cumulative exposure to pesticides

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Creme Diet

Creme Diet is our online platform for gathering food consumption data based on the 24 hour recall multiple pass and food frequency questionnaire methods

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