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We can help you set up a data trust, a legal and technical framework for sharing and managing data that promotes and facilitates data sharing amongst organizations by ensuring trust in the rules, data security, confidentiality and privacy. Find out more.

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Our team can help you come up with the business case and guide stakeholders along the process towards a functional data trust solution.

Finding a business benefit

To find agreement in an organization and ensure success for a Data Trust you need to find the business benefit. All the other stuff can be fixed. All of the other mechanisms can be overcome. Once you identify the benefits, a company will get over the hurdle of figuring out the rest. They will ensure new business processes are put in place to facilitate this mechanism of sharing data. Without a business benefit, it does not become somebody’s job. And if it is not somebody’s job it does not get done. The added benefit of a Data Trust is that it facilitates better communication interaction up and down the supply chain. Everyone is speaking the same language and seeing the same data.

What is a Data Trust?

A data trust is a legal and technical framework for sharing and managing data. A Data Trust promotes and facilitates data sharing amongst organizations by ensuring trust in the rules, data security, confidentiality and privacy. A data trust comprises of two key elements: legal agreements and a technology platform to collect, aggregate, protect and manage the data. 

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