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Data is the starting point for everything we do. We can help you organize and utilize the data in your organization to add value and save significant time and resources. Find out more.

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Our easy to use, web-based software products can provide you with a wide range of solutions to improve the use of data in your organisation.

Secure industry data transfer

We work with industry to create data trusts which gather and anonymize data to be used by predictive models. We can provide standard data templates and a secure data upload service to facilitate the convenient, secure and accurate transfer of data from partners to a central secure location managed by us. Our platform was designed to take in data from complex, global supply chains and use it to fill in data gaps for organizations. In cases where data gaps are not easily solved, we can develop scientific models on our platform that can combine in new diverse data inputs.

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Solutions for the entire sector

We understand the value of data in advancing industry and research. Our offerings are designed to overcome data challenges and make secure and anonymised data collection and analytics simpler for the across various industries and sectors.

We work with food safety departments, regulatory departments, trade associations, expert consulting service providers or research & innovation centres.

We work with food safety regulators, various agriculture departments and health promotion agencies.

We work with various universities, research centers and within EU Framework Projects (FP7, Horizon 2020).

At Creme Global we believe in the collection, integration and secure sharing of data to produce insights and clarity and to create value. We have worked with leading organisations around the world on secure, collaborative, data and scientific modelling solutions.

Case studies

Decision support systems

Analyse massive amounts of data and compile comprehensive information reports to solve problems and inform decision making.

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Secure and anonymous data portals

Our data portal solutions allow you to benefit from secure and accurate transfer of sensitive data inside and between organisations. We can facilitate gathering and anonymising of data in a secure and robust way, allowing you to gain industry wide insights.

Profiling and aggregation of unstructured data

A significant amount of the world’s data is in an unstructured format. We can help you collect, profile and aggregate unstructured data to advance your productivity and research efforts.

Analytics and visualisations

We can provide you with statistical tools, data analytics, advanced visualisations, analytics and predictive modelling to gain insights from your data..

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Access to our modelling software products

Our products have a proven track record of tackling the most complex challenges in food safety and consistently delivering significant efficiencies and value to our clients and partners.

Access to data

Managing, sourcing and leveraging data is at the core of what we do. From access to validated data sets to designing bespoke data collection tools, we can guide you towards gaining valuable insights from data across various industries.

Expert consultancy

You can lean on our experience to get the most out of scientific models and data.


Our training provides a comprehensive overview of what the model does and why you should use it, as well as a detailed how-to use the model and data.

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