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Creme Global offers a wide range of unique services and solutions, geared towards solving problems for companies, regulators and researchers across different industries. Find out more and contact our sales team for further details.

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Exposure Assessments

At Creme Global we use data, models and software to estimate aggregate and cumulative exposure to additives, flavourings, contaminants and pesticides from food and consumer products.

Food Safety

Compliment your food safety practices with advanced use of data and scientific modelling for significant savings in time and resources.


Data Collection & Analytics​

Data is the starting point for everything we do. We can help you organise and utilise the data in your organisation to add value and save significant time and resources.


Nutrition Intake Modelling

Nutrition intake modelling allows us to understand population food, energy and nutrient intakes. Monitoring these intakes forms the basis of food nutrition and public health policies and to assess patterns and trends in a population.

Predictive Model Development

Our data models drive major global projects and software.

Proven Expertise

We have partnered with many of the leading companies and government organisations in the world. Our unique experience can help managers and decision-makers to understand the context of their data and our services can help our clients solve important business needs.

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Data Sharing on Creme Global Platform

Gain critical business intelligence
from shared, anonymized data.