Data Foundry

Data Foundry is our cloud based platform that facilitates secure collection of diverse datasets and hosts data collection portals.


Why Data Foundry?

We believe in the collection, integration and secure sharing of data to produce insights and clarity and to create value. For over 15 years, we have worked with leading organisations around the world on secure, collaborative, data and scientific modelling solutions. Data Foundry is the result of this work.

Solve complex multi-stakeholder challenges

With Data Foundry you can securely and anonymously collect and share various types of data which is is then validated, edited if required and merged to the database. Once approved and merged to the secure database you can export your data or gain insights through a powerful visualisation dashboard.

Our data collection and sharing platform is relied upon by some of the largest companies and main regulatory bodies from around the world.


Advanced features

Data Foundry features are designed to allow users to securely and anonymously turn their data into actionable insights.

Data Collection

The secure data upload portals facilitate the convenient, secure and accurate transfer of sensitive data inside and between organisations.

Data Structuring and Validation

Data Foundry automatically checks data for gaps and collects descriptive statistics. It validates your data on entry or it can be configured to process large volumes of historical data.

Data Aggregating

Portal administrators have a top-down view of all data coming into the portal and they can set up automatic aggregation from various sources, or do so manually on case by case basis.

Powerful Visualisations

Collected data can be viewed in a comprehensive visual dashboard which can help you identify trends, determine risks, and maximize resources.

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