At Creme Global we use data, models and software to estimate aggregate and cumulative exposure to additives, flavourings, contaminants and pesticides from food and consumer products. 

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Our easy to use, web-based software can scale to calculate complex exposure assessment on an as-required basis, saving your organisation both time and resources. Companies can also benefit from accessing deep expertise of Creme Global’s staff to source the required data, set up the trial and run the exposure assessments.

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By using real data from various sources, we understand exposure assessments better than any company in the world. We are using our existing exposure models and datasets or developing new ones to solve new exposure challenges across the sector.

We work with food safety departments, regulatory departments, trade associations, expert consulting service providers or research & innovation centres.

We work with food safety regulators, various agriculture departments and health promotion agencies.

We work with various universities, research centers and within EU Framework Projects (FP7, Horizon 2020).

Total Aggregate Exposure

Total aggregate exposure modelling requires the combination of multiple exposures from the foods we eat, cosmetics we apply to our skin, perfumes we inhale and pesticides in our garden. Find out more.

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Contact our expert team to find out how our exposure assessment‚Äčs‚Äč service can help your organisation. We can advise you on best approach to solve unique challenges you need to overcome. Start your project today.

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Our products have a proven track record of tackling the most complex challenges in food safety and consistently delivering significant efficiencies and value to our clients and partners.

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Managing, sourcing and leveraging data is at the core of what we do. From access to validated data sets to designing bespoke data collection tools, we can guide you towards gaining valuable insights from data across various industries.

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You can lean on our experience to get the most out of scientific models and data.


Our training provides a comprehensive overview of what the model does and why you should use it, as well as a detailed how-to use the model and data.

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