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Scientific Modeling

Release the full power of your data and discover key insights to answer the questions that matter to you with scientific modeling and analytics side of our platform.


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Scientific modeling on Creme Global platform contains all our scientifically validated datasets and models. Scaleable platform architecture allows us to easily add models, present outputs in powerful visualisation dashboards, datasets or connect to customer-specific databases and deliver data driven insights.

Make scientifically validated and informed decisions​

Our expert team will guide you towards the most appropriate solution, offering valuable scientific insights and software engineering know-how. Your new analytics app can be powered by your existing data, real-time data collection sources, curated public datasets and historical data.

We work with some of the largest food, cosmetic and chemical brands in the world and also with main industry regulators in both the US and Europe.

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Designed to
overcome complexity

Creme Global platform is designed to rapidly take you from secure data collection towards data analysis, powerful visualisations and predictive modelling. We can customise the process and final app according to our clients needs and data availability.

Data Management

Built in powerful data management capabilities, Excel-like editors, SQL editor, data importing and validation and data sharing features for collaborative work.

Data Analytics

Best in class analytic abilities with charting libraries, detailed reporting, performance analysis, predictive analytics and powerful visualisations.

Scientific Modelling

With a number of existing scientific models hosted our platform offers the ability to deploy new models with detailed user friendly interface input wizards.

Collaborative Work

Secure data sharing and user management. Granular user permissions, user profile page and activity.


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Data Sharing on Creme Global Platform

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