Creme Nutrition™

Creme Nutrition is a unique online dietary intake analysis tool which utilises pre-installed or user’s own data to accurately assess and understand nutrient and food intakes across the globe in a fast, streamlined, easy to use manner.

The Benefits

  • Public Health Nutrition: Targeted nutrition strategies and their real-world impacts.
  • Dietary Intake Modelling: Assess current nutritional intakes in your targeted markets and populations.
  • Identify optimal product formulations and predict the impact on targeted global markets and populations.
  • Overcome data gaps with probabilistic intake modelling.
  • Incorporate in-house data (brand specific composition, portion size, novel ingredients and additives) , Market share & sales data.
  • Helping you to deliver on your Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing strategies.


Creme Nutrition allows you to:

  • Analyse the diet of a population or subpopulation using real food consumption data
  • Assess the full distribution of intake broken down by foods or groups of foods
  • Do a nutrient intake analysis broken down by contribution foods or groups of foods
  • Create your own foods groups in a flexible and user friendly way
    Incorporate your own market share data
  • Reformulate or fortify foods or groups of foods
  • Reduce certain nutrients, such as sodium or fats in foods or groups of foods
  • Calculate portion sizes and apply portion size control
  • Apply food replacement scenarios, e.g. healthier options
  • Run reports and generate output tables for your own reports
  • Look at trends in a population’s diet
  • Stratify your population by socio-demographic data, biomarker data, etc…

Who we serve

Government’s use our software to aid in creating regulations and in communicating with industry on regulation. Our software gives a shared point of reference.

Industry uses our software to understand their products better. They can predict per population type the level of intake of a given nutrient and base their ingredients formulations on this insight. Our software has saved companies millions in euros in labour by streamlining scientific assessment.

Academia use our software to greatly increase the speed and viability of research projects into food safety. Our software if flexible enough for a broad range of applications in food safety.

Why Creme

  • Our platform allows us develop and deploy solutions quickly.
  • We have turnkey software in this domain.
  • We provide scientific support at various levels of fidelity.

Food Drink Ireland has worked with Creme Global on two ground-breaking reports on reformulation and product innovation in the food and drink sector. For the 2016 report, Creme Global developed a first-of-its-kind methodology to capture and model the impact of voluntary initiatives by the food and beverage industry. The methodology was subsequently published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition. For the 2019 report, Creme Global further developed the methodology to analyse data on 1780 products over a 12-year period.

With these unique projects, Ireland has led the way internationally in industry reporting of food product evolution and its impact on different age groups. The innovative analysis by Creme Global has increased the store of public knowledge in the highly complex and important field of dietary intakes.

Linda Stuart-Trainor, Director of Prepared Consumer Foods, Food Drink Ireland