Data Sharing for Trade Member Associations

Share data and business intelligence between members and organizations with the Creme Global Platform.

Your industry’s influence and decision-making hinges on two key elements.

  1. Your relationships. 
  2. Coming armed with better data.

Better data means having a single source of truth for sharing and access. 

It ensures the accuracy, privacy, and anonymity of your data. 

Which builds trust in your relationships.

For Trade and Member Associations who need to work with their members, the market and an international regulatory landscape.

Using data to support your argument or mission makes people sit up and listen, and with the regulatory landscape shifting towards data-driven decision-making, now is the perfect time to leverage the full potential of your industry's data.

Organizations share data among themselves and with industry regulators for several reasons:
Benchmarking and Performance Improvement
By sharing data, organizations within an industry can benchmark their performance against industry averages. This can help identify areas of improvement, encourage competition, and drive overall industry performance upwards.
Standard Setting and Best Practices
Trade organizations often establish industry standards and best practices. Sharing data helps in creating these standards based on real-world information and trends. This collaboration ensures that the standards are relevant, effective, and widely accepted.
Research and Development
Shared data can be invaluable for research and development purposes. It can lead to innovations that benefit the entire industry, such as new technologies, processes, or products.
Risk Management
Sharing data can help in identifying and mitigating risks common to the industry. This includes financial risks, operational risks, and reputational risks. Collective data is often more powerful in predicting and managing these risks than isolated data.
Policy Advocacy
Trade organizations often use collective data to advocate for policies that benefit their industry. This data can provide evidence to support their position and help influence policymakers.
Transparency and Trust Building
Sharing data can enhance transparency within the industry and with the public, which can build trust. This is particularly important in industries that are closely scrutinized or have faced public trust issues in the past.
Crisis Management
In times of crisis, such as economic downturns or public health emergencies, shared data can be critical in coordinating a unified response. This can help mitigate the impact on the industry and the broader economy.

By sharing data, membership and trade organizations can create a more collaborative, efficient, and forward-thinking industry that is better equipped to handle challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

We work with some of the largest food, cosmetic and chemical brands in the world and also with main industry regulators in both the US and Europe.

coca cola

Why share data?

Explore how leading organizations are using Data Portal to benefit from access to collaborative data. These use cases showcase how companies are using the platform to improve food safety, identify issues they could not on their own, and enable self-regulation by having the best possible data and insight.

Food Safety


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are using Data Sharing on Creme Global Platform to gain valuable insights in Seafood Safety which could only be realized because of shared data from many parties.

Product Development & Safety


The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials partners with Creme Global to gather and share confidential data to support the cosmetics industry to drive consumer safety, product development and regulation.

Regulatory Relations

Western Growers

The Creme Global Platform enables fresh produce growers to identify trends and key insights while providing industry-level responses to regulatory and buyer demands.

Product integrity


Creme Global partners with the food industry across the UK and EU providing an intelligence-sharing platform. It allows members to adopt a targeted approach to supply chain assurance.

Data science solutions that are re-shaping industries

Meeting the rising demand for safety and sustainability.

Consumers are increasingly demanding about the food they eat, the cosmetics they use and the impact of the products they consume on the environment. Creme Global successfully combines its deep scientific expertise with world's most accurate and user-friendly predictive models to support regulatory requirements, risk assessment and root cause analysis across a number of industries.

Cosmetics & Fragrances

Creme Global are world leaders in the application of data and digital technologies to the cosmetic industries.
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Food Safety & Nutrition

Our expertly designed solutions and services for food manufacturing, food safety and nutrition.
Find out more

Agri-Food Science

Ensuring food safety, pre and post harvest, from farm to fork through use of predictive modelling and secure industry data-sharing.
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Our work has been recognised and trusted by leading companies and regulators across a number of industries.

Creme Global platform

Release the full power of your data

Our platform enables leading organisations to achieve better decision making in food science, human health, operational risk and scenario analysis. Used by industry leaders and main regulatory bodies and researchers it delivers a full range of solutions from data collection, predictive modelling to advanced visualisations.

Scientific modelling
Uncover new insights and answer questions that matter to your business with scientific modelling and predictive analytics on Creme Global platform.

Scientific modeling on Creme Global platform contains all our scientifically validated datasets and models. Scaleable platform architecture allows us to easily add models or develop new ones, present outputs in powerful visualisation dashboards, or connect to customer-specific databases and rapidly deliver data driven insights.

Data Collection and Sharing
We can facilitate secure collection of diverse datasets and host flexible and private data collection portals.

Our platform allows you to securely and anonymously collect and share various types of data which is automatically validated, edited if required and merged to the database. You can export your data or gain insights through powerful visualisation dashboards.

Data portal
Confidential and secure data collaboration solution.

Data portal is a user-friendly solution to accurately gather business-sensitive data and get the insights you need on a single platform. Data portal is ideal for implementing secure and confidential data trusts. If you depend on good data to make decisions, Data portal is the solution for you.

Partner with us for a brighter future

Creme Global’s world class scientific modelling, data science, AI and predictive capabilities serve consumers, manufacturers and producers, enabling them to create great products that improve their lives while contributing to health, sustainability and a vibrant planet.

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