Human Exposure Assessment Tools Database

A public directory of exposure data sources as well as available tools for exposure.

The challenge was to build a resource for risk assessors to use to quickly search and locate human exposure tools and data available in the public domain.


We built a web website and database called The Human Exposure Assessment Tools Database (heatDB).


Available sources of exposure data were gathered, structured and categorised into a harmonised system. Additionally, available tools for exposure assessment were gathered and categorised into the same system.


Human Exposure Assessment Tools Database

The website allows risk assessors to quickly review what data sources and tools are available
for a given purpose and to have guidance on their appropriate use using a tiering system.
In parallel with this database, a report was developed providing analysis, discussion and case studies demonstrating different uses of some of the different tools and data sources (available on the main ECETOC website).


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public directory of exposure data sources
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Srdjan Solaja

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