Nutrition Intake Modelling

Nutrition intake modelling allows us to understand population food, energy and nutrient intakes. Monitoring these intakes forms the basis of food nutrition and public health policies and to assess patterns and trends in a population. 

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Our easy to use, web-based software products enable organisations to gather and leverage new data for enhanced decision making in the nutrition industry at the sector, brand, individual or population level.

Overcoming complexity

Nutrition is a highly-complex science where taste, texture, formulation, manufacturing considerations, culture, genetics, cost, supply-chains, shelf-life, marketing, psychology interact with diet and health. Our offerings were designed to deal with this complexity.

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Solutions for the entire sector

We can help resolve the complexity of food and nutritional issues using scientific modelling and data. We have developed a number of models along with curating datasets which help our clients and partners to make sense of the complexity of nutritional issues.

We work with food safety departments, regulatory departments, trade associations, expert consulting service providers or research & innovation centres.

We work with food safety regulators, various agriculture departments and health promotion agencies.

We work with various universities, research centers and within EU Framework Projects (FP7, Horizon 2020).

From personalised nutrition, where we have used data on diet, phenotype and genotype to implement algorithms for personalised nutrition whose goal it is to optimise health and wellness to modelling nutritional deficiencies for whole populations using the latest dietary studies and formulation data. We have worked with government and industry to come up with formulation recommendations to minimise risk and optimise the health of entire populations.

Data for nutrition

Food consumption surveys are at the heart of data for nutrition. These surveys provide insight into the foods populations consume, energy and nutrient intakes and potential exposure to harmful hazards in food.

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Dietary intake modeling

Our expert team can carry out modelling scenarios which model the nutritional impact of food interventions on populations and subpopulations.

Targeted nutrition strategies

We can help you carry out industry surveys of commercially sensitive data and anonymise it to deliver results on formulation strategies.

Optimising product formulations

We can help you identify optimal product formulations and predict the impact on targeted global markets and populations.

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Access to our modelling software products

Our products have a proven track record of tackling the most complex challenges in food safety and consistently delivering significant efficiencies and value to our clients and partners.

Access to data

Managing, sourcing and leveraging data is at the core of what we do. From access to validated data sets to designing bespoke data collection tools, we can guide you towards gaining valuable insights from data across various industries.

Expert consultancy

You can lean on our experience to get the most out of scientific models and data.


Our training provides a comprehensive overview of what the model does and why you should use it, as well as a detailed how-to use the model and data.

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