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With organisations facing increased complexity in their businesses, markets and environment, smart use of data can offer valuable answers. We help organisations to understand the context of their data and provide unique solutions to solve core business needs and bring our clients along the journey from data management to data visualisation, advanced analytics and predictive modelling.
Opening new markets
Utilizing data science, exposure assessments, and predictive modeling is essential for entering new markets strategically. Through in-depth data analysis, businesses can identify trends, consumer behaviors, and potential risks and help navigate regulatory landscapes.
Regulatory compliance
The focus from regulatory bodies, advocacy groups and consumers can change rapidly. With industry leading, refined probabilistic modelling approach, we can provide the highest level of accuracy available in the industry.
Exposure assesments
With off-the-shelf modelling solutions for various industries, we can help you understand exposure modelling for different substances from the foods we eat, devices or cosmetics we apply to our skin, perfumes we inhale or pesticides usedin our gardens.
Safer products
Industries are increasingly relying on data science and predictive analytics to enhance product safety. By analyzing extensive publicly available and internal organisation datasets, companies can better detect patterns and anomalies, allowing for early identification of safety concerns.
Risk assesements
We can guide you on using data and predictive models for new product development, simpifying safety assessments, shelf life scenarios and health benefit estimations for new or reformulated products. Our multidisciplinary team of domain experts will customise the solution for your industry and business needs.

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Data science solutions that are re-shaping industries

Meeting the rising demand for safety and sustainability.

Consumers are increasingly demanding about the food they eat, the cosmetics they use and the impact of the products they consume on the environment. Creme Global successfully combines its deep scientific expertise with world's most accurate and user-friendly predictive models to support regulatory requirements, risk assessment and root cause analysis across a number of industries.

Our work has been recognised and trusted by leading companies and regulators across a number of industries.

Creme Global platform

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Our platform enables leading organisations to achieve better decision making in food science, human health, operational risk and scenario analysis. Used by industry leaders and main regulatory bodies and researchers it delivers a full range of solutions from data collection, predictive modelling to advanced visualisations.

We work with some of the largest food, cosmetic and chemical brands in the world and also with main industry regulators in both the US and Europe.

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Creme Global’s world class scientific modelling, data science, AI and predictive capabilities serve consumers, manufacturers and producers, enabling them to create great products that improve their lives while contributing to health, sustainability and a vibrant planet.

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