Creme Diet

Creme Diet is our online platform for gathering food consumption data based on the 24 hour recall multiple pass and food frequency questionnaire methods.


Scientifically validated

Creme Diet is designed in collaboration with leading scientists from top-level universities and industry thought leaders in the area of dietary/food consumption data gathering and assessment.

Tested Methodology

The methodology used has been developed via extensive user testing and has been scientifically validated against traditional paper-based data collection methods. The system has intelligence built in, in terms of total calorie count checking for participants and includes a detailed reporting and analysis system for the operators / researchers. Creme Diet can incorporate customer’s own data as well as offering inbuilt data. We provide all of the food science and data setup services required to tailor the system for your region.

Creme Diet Features

  • Customers can add their own data
  • Capture meals
  • Capture foods including portion sizes
  • Add photo of foods
  • Capture linked foods
  • Frequently forgotten foods questionnaire
  • Intelligence built in (calorie count checking)
  • Food frequency questionnaire
  • Set time windows for completion of different parts of the survey
  • Email alerts
  • Intuitive design that uses behavioural cues to encourage survey completion
  • Mobile ready
  • Secure login
  • Localisable to other languages
  • Detailed reporting and analysis system for the operators
  • Access to Creme Global expert staff

See Creme Diet in action

We work with the largest food, cosmetic and chemical brands in the world and also with main industry regulators in both the US and Europe.


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