Traditionally, methods for collecting intake data are paper-based. Some of the most common methods for collecting dietary data include the 24-hour recall and food frequency questionnaires.

Some limitations include time and cost to administer, participant burdens and data burdens. The 24-hour recall also requires a skilled interviewer.

Web-based, online dietary assessments are potential tools to remove these time and cost burdens. The tools allow data to be collected from multiple locations and from large cohorts: all without relying on skilled administers. Data checks and data entry burdens are also greatly reduced. We have online tools for both 24-hours recalls and food frequency questionnaires.

24-hour recall

The 24-hour recall is a structured interview which collects an individual’s food consumption over the previous 24-hour day. The 5-step multiple-pass method is a validated approach developed by the United States Department of Agriculture. This method is currently used by the USDA to collected the “What We Eat in America” National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) data.

Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQs)

FFQs collect data on various foods consumed and the frequency of food consumption over a period of time, usually 6-12 months. FFQs are often used for larger cohorts.

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