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Exposure Assessment

We help ensure chemicals in food and consumer products are safe for human consumption with the aid of cutting-edge technologies and predictive modelling techniques.

At Creme Global we create data, models and software to estimate aggregate and cumulative exposure to chemicals from food and consumer products.

The word “chemicals” refers to different substances such as additives, flavourings, contaminants and pesticides.

The exposure analyses are based on surveys containing nationally representative and readily installed data about food consumption, product usage and consumers’ habits and practices at the global level. Through intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, these data can be easily combined with other datasets regarding the chemicals’ concentrations, toxicological data, absorption and retention factors.

Different models replicate the typical exposure patterns from food consumption and usage of consumer products, to assess the exposure levels that occur in real-world situations. All our exposure models are based upon Monte Carlo simulations that capture the huge variety of the exposure patterns related to different user profiles. The routes of exposure we focus on are oral, dermal and inhalation. The results of these models can be combined together to estimate systemic exposure. The results are calculated at the subject level and can be broken down by groups of consumers and demographics. Our customers use the results obtained from our models to make informed decisions on new regulations, use levels and maximum concentration levels to assure consumer safety.

Benefits / Return on Investment

Benefits to chemicals projects
  • Demonstrate the safety of chemicals.
  • Save considerable time and money on lab testing where predictive simulations can do the same work.
  • Make informed decisions on new regulations, use levels and maximum concentration levels to assure consumer safety.

Exposure Analyses
  • Trend and analyse data over time and space, develop predictive models and understand where vulnerabilities lie.
  • Assess the typical exposure levels to chemicals from different sources in a timely, intuitive manner.

Technical Services
  • Use our in-house expert team of food and data scientists to address specific questions relevant to you.
  • Avail of custom and bespoke statistical analyses and exploratory model development.
  • Partner with us on scientific analysis, expert elicitation, literature reviews and scientific publication writing.
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RIFM estimate that they have saved over 116,000 animal lives, to say nothing of the associated costs.
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I have been using Creme Global Software for many years as part of my work related to risk assessment of chemicals in food. Over the years my demands on the software have changed and increased, and the Creme Global team have always gone to great lengths to accommodate my requirements and provide technical support when needed. I have no hesitation in recommending Creme Global to anyone interested in modelling exposure scenarios.

Christina Tlustos, Food Safety Authority of Ireland

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