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Western Growers and the fresh produce industry are committed to safeguarding the public health through the application of science-based, data-informed food safety best practices.

This secure and cloud-based food safety data sharing platformGreenlink“, built by Creme Global, allows users to analyze individual company data and anonymously compare and benchmark food safety performance with aggregated industry data.

Enhancing food safety and minimizing the risk of food-borne illness requires working together. Through increased collaboration and sharing of data, users can identify trends and key insights while providing factual, data-based industry-level responses to regulatory inquiries and buyer demands.

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Platform features

Data Visualization

Analytical tools help users identify trends, determine risks, and maximize resources.

Data-informed Decision Making

With industry-level reporting, users can make data-informed food safety decisions based on key metrics.


Users can anonymously compare their food safety practices with aggregated data from similar growing operations to better assess performance.

Industry Insight

Anonymized, aggregated data sets allow for precise, data-driven industry-level responses to regulatory and buyer questions.

Private, Confidential and Secure

With the most current and advanced data protection, technologies and practices, participants determine who accesses their company’s data and own all the decisions surrounding their data.

The platform is available to Western Growers fresh produce member operations.

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