Expert Root Cause Analysis

Expert Root Cause Analysis is a deep dive analysis to determine the cause of an issue with proposed resolution steps.

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Unique Offering

We can help you determine the cause of a safety or quality incident in a manufacturing environment and assist with decision making, for example, product release or recall. We use state of the art microbiological, genomic, bioinformatic tools and techniques,  combined with machine learning and specific domain expertise. Fast and efficient root cause analysis is achieved through the use of state of the art techniques and access to a bank of global experts available on-demand to provide the required analysis and insight.

How does it work?

We have designed a simple process following an occurence of an acute issue.

  1. Get in Touch – Contact Creme Global, register and agree on quote.
  2. Report Issue – Provide information, eg. historic and current microorganism concerns, HACCP-plan
  3. Expert Screening – Receive a recommendation from a global expert panel
  4. Immediate Actions – Perform recommended steps, e.g. genomic analysis, on-site inspection
  5. Review and Reiterate Expert Assessment – Receive expert review of testing results and perform follow-on actions until resolved
  6. Issue closed – Receive final report and invoice from Creme Global

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