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We help ensure chemicals in food are safe for human consumption with the aid of cutting-edge technologies and predictive modelling techniques.

At Creme Global we create data, models and software to estimate aggregate and cumulative exposure to chemicals.

The word “chemicals” refers to different substances that can be present in food such as additives, flavourings, contaminants and pesticides.

The exposure analyses are based on surveys containing nationally representative and readily installed data about food consumption. Through intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, these data can be easily combined with other datasets regarding the chemicals’ concentrations, toxicological data, absorption and retention factors.

Our models to assess dietary exposure are based upon Monte Carlo simulations that capture the huge variety in the diet of a population and can handle different types of data, either single estimates or distributions. The results, calculated at subject level, can be broken down by groups of consumers and demographics.

Our customers use the results obtained from our models to make informed decisions on new regulations, use levels and maximum concentration levels to assure consumer safety.

Benefits / Return on Investment

Data Collection & Management
  • Centralise and store all food safety data in the cloud and on one application.
  • Use Creme Global as a trusted third party for gathering industry-wide data at a trade association level.
  • Data collection and data portal development for sensitive and commercial data.
  • Collate, capture and validate data across the supply chain at all points in the farm-to-fork continuum with our expert services and domain knowledge.

Exposure Analyses
  • Trend and analyse data over time and space, develop bespoke predictive models and understand where vulnerabilities lie.
  • Assess the exposure to chemicals from food consumption in a timely, intuitive manner.
  • Make informed decisions on new regulations, use levels and maximum concentration levels to assure consumer safety.

Technical Services
  • Use our in-house expert team of food and data scientists to address specific questions relevant to you.
  • Avail of custom and bespoke statistical analyses and exploratory model development.
  • Partner with us on scientific analysis, expert elicitation, literature reviews and scientific publication writing.
Download Case Study: FACET

FACET, standing for Flavours, Additives and Food Contact Materials Exposure Tool, is an advanced consumer exposure analysis tool for Europe.
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Creme Food has every single model developed for food safety from the last 20 years.

Paul Price, Dow Chemicals

Food Drink Ireland has worked with Creme Global on two ground-breaking reports on reformulation and product innovation in the food and drink sector. The innovative analysis by Creme Global has increased the store of public knowledge in the highly complex and important field of dietary intakes.

Linda Stuart-Trainor
Director of Prepared Consumer Foods
Food Drink Ireland

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