Food contact materials include the packaging that food is sold in as well as articles that are designed to come into contact with food such as equipment in food production facilities and kitchen homeware.

Contact with these items may be of concern from a chemical contamination perspective.

Materials may be sources of contamination in foods as a result of substances migrating from plastic polymers. Here at Creme Global, we provide migration and exposure models that are available to be used to estimate levels of migration from plastics and any subsequent exposure to a given consumer population. For more complex problems we offer bespoke model building tailored to your foods/materials of interest as well as professional services in this area.

Creme Global offer technology and scientific expertise to provide a scientifically sound assessment of your products’ safety. As the technology partner in the renowned FACET project, as well as many other off-shoots of FACET and consultancy projects on the area of food contact, Creme Global have the required skills and experience to provide a scientifically sound assessment of your products’ safety.

Migration Modelling


The core of the migration model was created by Creme Global and was first used in FACET 3.0.2.; The version of FACET that has been available on the website of the Joint Research Centre since April 2017. It simulates migration from a polymer into a food over time.

Exposure modelling


In European regulation, migration limits are expressed as a concentration (mg/kg) in food, however, in the USA, limits are expressed as population exposure. The assessment of a food contact material’s safety in terms of exposure in a population requires another layer of complexity in the form of consumption data and the association of migration levels with consumption (or food intake data) data. This is also a core expertise held here at Creme Global.

Data services for packaging exposure


Creme Global is the technology partner in the H2020 funded project called GLOPACK. The project aims to present sustainable packaging as viable options to procurers of food packaging. Sustainability data as well as performance data are being collected and will be modelled and queried to rank the suitable packaging materials for the user.

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