INCA2 Individual national study of food consumption in France Database

The Individuelle Nationale des Consomations Alimentaires 2 (INCA 2) is a dataset on food consumption patterns of the population of metropolitan France.


What is the INCA2 2006-2007 survey dataset?

INCA2 2006-20007 (INCA2) is the second iteration of the Individual National Survey on Food Consumption (INCA) initiated in 1998-1999 in France. INCA2 dataset is the collection of information obtained from the INCA2 survey that was conducted in 2006-2007. The survey is conducted by ANSES – National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety.  ANSES is an administrative scientific body operating within the Ministry of Health and Agriculture and looks over the domains of food, environment, work, health and well-being.


INCA2 2006-2007 survey is the tool used for risk assessment that provides an overview of the food consumption habits of the French population at that time period. The information gathered in the INCA2 2006-2007 survey allows producers, researchers and policymakers to find the amounts of substances found in the diet of French people. Data is available for both the beneficial substances found in the diet (vitamins, essential fatty acids, etc.) as well as the levels of exposure (i. e. Ingested doses) to harmful substances that may be present in the food items (heavy metals, pesticide residues, toxins, etc.) ANSES combines this data with the surveillance plans and covers the risks (microbiological, physical or chemical), to which an individual may be exposed. 


The datasets contain information from approximately 4000 study participants. Different themes are covered by the available data, in particular demographic and socioeconomic, food choice criteria, food preparation and storage, lifestyle, and state of health. More discrete data includes the daily nutritional intake of 38 different nutrients at the individual level, total food consumption over the week, consumption of food supplements, and nutritional intake from food supplements.

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Food Consumption Datasets available from ANSES

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How do I access the INCA2 2006-2007 survey datasets?

INCA2 2006-2007 survey datasets are available for public access through the website of the French government’s public data portal:


These datasets are installed and validated in our food intake models and dashboards, so you can access them there (license required).


Alternatively, to access the raw datasets,

  1. Go to
  2. Search for “data on consumption and eating habits from the INCA 2 study

A total of 10 datasets are available from the study including meal descriptions, table of daily nutrient intakes and food supplement consumption. The data can be downloaded as CSV files.

Click here to download the INCA2 2006-2007 survey datasets

(note: the datasets available are in French)

How is the Individual national study of food consumption 2 (INCA 2006-2007) database useful for companies and organisations?

The INCA2 2006-2007 survey was conducted by ANSES, which means that the database is official and standard. This database can hence be used as a reference in the fields of food production, animal health and human health. 

Following are some of the key usages of the INCA2 Survey database for researchers, food producers and policymakers:

  • Evaluate the relation of food intake and dietary patterns to the health status of the French people using a model such as Creme Nutrition
  • To develop food production principles and apply effective science and engineering to meet the nutritional requirements of the French people
  • To assess the exposure of French population and mitigate food-borne health hazards using a model such as Creme Food Safety
  • Identify specific demographics at different levels of risk exposure
  • To implement policies and mandate the use, modification or omission of any specific substance/chemicals from the food/feed items
  • To make health policy guidelines by identifying trends in dietary intake and exposure

A detailed description of how to use the  INCA2 2006-2007 survey dataset has been provided in the following document:

How to use the INCA2 2006-2007 Survey dataset

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