Migration Modelling

We provide the tools to assess the migration of chemicals from materials in contact with foods, consumer products and directly with skin via diffusion modelling techniques.

Materials in contact with foods, consumer products such as cosmetics and directly with the skin can be the source of chemical contamination.

The migration process strongly depends on the physical and chemical properties of the various combinations of substances and materials. This can significantly affect exposure levels and, by consequence, the effects on people’s health.

Describing the process of the chemical migration from the contact materials into foods, products and skin and the subsequent absorption and metabolization in the human body require complex, refined modelling techniques. Here at Creme Global, we have developed and validated a migration model that can be utilized to run this type of exposure analyses. The aim of our migration model is to assist the users to predict realistic, refined migration values from contact materials for compliance and regulatory purposes.

Benefits / Return on Investment

Migration modelling
  • Migration results that are more refined than other worst-case scenario approaches.
  • Bespoke, user-friendly interface.
  • Integration of the migration model with datasets containing information on chemicals’ concentrations and physical properties derived from laboratory analyses.
  • Run migration assessments on existing and new substances/materials in a timely manner.
  • Possibility to run either deterministic or probabilistic assessments
  • Support in assessing consumers’ safety.

Exposure Modelling
  • Assess the absorption and metabolisation of the migrating chemicals in the human body.
  • Assess in a probabilistic manner the presence of one or more chemicals in the contact materials.
  • Calculate the exposure levels for different BMIs, body weights, ethnicities and other variables to determine the over-exposed subpopulations.
  • Capture via Monte Carlo simulations the variability in the exposure patterns due to different usage and consumption habits.

Data collection and storage
  • Interact with our experts on the types, quantities and qualities of data to be collected to run realistic exposure in compliance with global and local regulations.
  • We provide data cleaning and preparation services.
  • Store your data online, in a safe system.
  • Share your data among your colleagues and teams of experts.
Download Case Study: FACET

FACET, standing for Flavours, Additives and Food Contact Materials Exposure Tool, is an advanced consumer exposure analysis tool for Europe.
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I have been using Creme Global Software for many years as part of my work related to risk assessment of chemicals in food. Over the years my demands on the software have changed and increased, and the Creme Global team have always gone to great length to accommodate my requirements and provide technical support when needed. I have no hesitation in recommending Creme Global to anyone interested in modelling exposure scenarios.

Christina Tlustos, Food Safety Authority of Ireland

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