Pave the way for the next generation of packaging materials or solve critical supply chain problems with our Expert Models and Data Foundry products.


Overcome supply chain data gaps

The packaging industry is a large global supply chain, buying and selling proprietary materials by the tonne to be fashioned into everyday products. Some of the most critical challenges facing the packaging industry throughout the supply chain are actually data challenges. Our Expert Models and Data Foundry products gather the data needed and host the scientific models required to solve these challenges.

Fast track towards next generation materials

The packaging industry is under cost pressure from customers and suppliers, under regulatory pressure and increasingly under public pressure on environmental issues. The demand from the public and regulators is increasing the competition to develop more sustainable and functional materials.

Chemists, engineers and materials scientists are collaborating on the development of the next generation of materials for packaging, with new advanced functions and specs to satisfy the above constraints, but developing and testing these materials in the lab for functionality and safety can be cumbersome and time-consuming. This is why industries are moving towards a data science approach. Using Expert Models and Data Foundry enables organisations to effectively share data and scientific models.


Data driven
Scientifically verified

Collecting and connecting data can provide new insights into your supply chain and operations. Many challenges that on the face of it seem to be physical or operational in nature, can be solved or significantly reduced by scientific computation. Scientific models can speed up lab testing and reduce cost and time to market.

Our platform allows you to

  • Connect data and use risk models to assess risks and opportunities in a global packaging supply chain
  • Connect to IoT devices to gather large-scale industry 4.0 sensor data
  • Deploy a system with granular security controls to expose subsets of your data to staff, suppliers and partners
  • Gather proprietary data from partners and suppliers through secure data portals
  • Access scientific models of migration of compounds materials from plastics into various materials including foods
  • Use your data with Monte Carlo simulation models to assess pricing and business risk
  • Understand exposure of consumers to packaging materials based on food and beverage consumption and trends
  • Communicate with regulators, suppliers and partners using scientific data and evidence for your product functionality and information

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