Predictive Microbiome Risk Management

Monitor factory wide microbiome using next generation genomic techniques and use machine learning to predict the likelihood of safety or quality concerns.

Higher standard of quality control

By combining the strengths of fundamental microbiology, genomics and machine learning our service enables the prediction of the outbreak of safety or quality issues in a manufacturing environment. Our solution gives you a far greater degree of accuracy and detail than what is achievable by using current traditional microbiological techniques.

Avoid lasting reputation damage

Complexity of modern production environments means the occurrence of a spoiler or pathogen is an ongoing concern for manufacturers. Managing the microbiome and preventing unwanted bacteria from taking hold is of utmost importance as a single outbreak of harmful bacteria can lead to high associated costs and lasting brand damage. With each production environment being different and microbiome changing dynamically through the seasons – the complexity of the problem is increased and new, forward-looking solutions are in demand.

Next generation solution

Creme Global’s unique offering provides a service that predicts the likelihood of occurrence of a spoiler or pathogen within the production environment before it occurs. This enables our client companies to take a targeted approach to managing the microbiome. This preventative approach has been enabled due to the significant advances in high throughput next generation genomic sequencing (NGS) combined with advanced machine learning techniques.

Our phased approach involves capturing and analysing data, training the predictive model for the specific environment and finally activating the predictive modelling service while continuously re-training and refining the model as new data is collected.

From using Expert Models and Data Foundry products to model the shelf life of products to predicting the outbreak of safety or quality issues in a manufacturing environment, our predictive microbiology solutions can save our clients time and resources and proactively protect their reputations globally.

Using next-generation sequencing to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination in the food supply chain.

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