Residential Exposure Joint Venture (REJV) database

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What is CARES NG?

The Cumulative and Aggregate Risk Evaluation System Next Generation – CARES NG, is a cloud-based probabilistic model that is built upon a richness of multiple databases and used to estimate aggregate and cumulative exposure to pesticides.


The CARES NG project is an initiative by a number of stakeholders and built by Creme Global, with the aim of advancing aggregate and cumulative exposure and risk modeling methods and capabilities for the benefit of the scientific, regulatory, and public interest communities.

REJV Database

One of the databases utilized within the CARES NG project is the REJV database – a proprietary data set and access will be granted to the REJV members only. The database is equipped with a specific tool, called REJV tool, that will enable the user to easily inspect the data and extract the information to be provided as inputs for the residential model.

REJV Database includes

Key label related information such as EPA registration number, product name, formulation type and percentage of active ingredient.

Product category and primary active ingredient data divided by frequency and timing of application by season  or specific date ranges, by state and even by applicator.

The application method, date and rate.

The site/area treated.

Use instructions and precautionary statements.

REJV created this survey for consumers, with an objective to develop a comprehensive database of residential use and exposure data on consumer pesticides to provide EPA with “real world” use information for assessments. The REJV was formed in August 1997 to collect, organize and analyze label and use information for pesticide products used in and around the home.

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