Enabling controlled and collaborative research work and faster research to production times.


Refining collaboration

Research is mostly performed by joined efforts of many individual researchers, often from different academic departments or even different organisations. Enabling safe and simple collaboration is key. Our Expert Models and Data Foundry products deploy scientific models and databases with the granular security controls required to enable data collaboration between you and your broader research team globally. Treating research data and models with this type of rigour pays dividends in the trust and reproducibility of your work.

Expert collaborators on research projects

Research and development are often about quickly and safely putting the results of research into production. Creme Global provides data management tools and scientific research expertise to accelerate and deliver data-driven research to organisations all over the world. This research can then be deployed into production using our products. We specialise in data-lead industry research projects, from collating and anonymising data across the industry, to combining open data with internal proprietary data for analysis and reporting. We are proven expert partners on direct and collaborative research projects. From research, design and creation of new tools and solutions to deployment of these solutions on our cloud infrastructure for whole industries to use and benefit from.


Harnessing data the right way

Key ingredient of effective research is data. You are either generating new data to understand or discover new relationships and effects or you are aggregating existing data to mine it for information and insights. A large amount of scientific research is being carried out in academia and industry globally – generating vast amounts of data. Expert Models and Data Foundry provide the data plan to harness this and to generate more value from your research.

Research is also getting more specialised with diverse and deep expertise being required. However, resources are limited – even in the largest organisations – and capacity and specialised skills are not always available to carry out the required work. Plugging into our expertise and technology can deliver more with less for your organisation.

Our platform allows you to

  • Connect research data and design and implement new scientific models to solve new research challenges for you
  • Deploy a system with granular security controls to enable data collaboration between researchers (data providers, model developers, analysts and managers)
  • Use data portals to gather and anonymise new data and provide analytics, modelling and dashboarding
  • Develop and deploy new scientific models based on our existing code libraries (machine learning, Monte Carlo simulation, statistical modelling, etc…) for use by your organisation or industry
  • Automate computations and dashboard results for your team to review

Our research services

  • Industrial research and scientific paper review and writing
  • Workshops on scientific challenges and service design to come up with solutions
  • Research, prototype and implement new data solutions and models
  • Partner on government-funded projects (H2020, SBIR, National frameworks, etc…)
  • New robust software implementations of existing research prototype on our Expert Models platform
  • Communicate results of the research with stakeholders using our design and marketing expertise

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