Scientific Modelling

Solve complex problems in your organisation, market or industry and get your data modelling projects off the ground quickly.


Facilitating reliable results

Expert Models and Data Foundry products deliver the computing power, advanced software methods, mathematical models and data required for scientific modelling. Scientific modelling is a team sport and it requires deep expertise in a number of fields to deliver reliable results. We have the expert team to complement your team and our technology products. Our collaborations deliver powerful results and give you the understanding and insights to solve complex problems.

Combining data and scientific rigour

Scientific modelling is all about data and following a rigorous scientific and computing process. It is defined as a scientific activity, the aim of which is to make a particular part or feature of your world or organisation easier to understand, define, quantify, visualize, or simulate by referencing it to things you understand. It allows organisations to carry out more advanced risk assessments, solve production issues and optimise facilities or gain insights into their markets and customers. It is also used to assess the impact of products on consumers and the environment or to reassure regulators that the impacts of said products are well-understood.

Testing and validating data and models used in scientific modelling is of crucial importance for delivering accurate and easy to understand reports.


Solve complex problems

We have invested over 15 years of development in Data Foundry and Expert Models products so that you can get your data modelling projects off the ground, literally in a matter of weeks saving you money and more importantly, time. This is our gold standard service where we work closely with our clients and partners to research problems and create new models and databases which support analysts, scientists and business people.


We can provide you with

We offer data structuring and management, computing systems, software development, data science, maths, statistics, UX and design and scientific expertise in many domains. Algorithms, modelling and simulation software is developed to solve your science, engineering, marketing or broader business problems. Our platform delivers the system hardware, software, networking, user-collaboration (interface) and data management components, in an optimised way, to solve complex problems – all running on advanced cloud computing infrastructurein a secure and efficient way.

Aim higher with our platform solutions

Our platform enables you to train your team on the use of our existing scientific models and datasets or seemlesly integrate your data into our existing scientific models in a secure way. We can work together to design, develop and deploy new scientific models customised to your needs or use our existing code libraries to deliver new capabilities to your organisation.  We’ll deploy a granular and secure data infrastructure to gather and manage the data needed to support your models in a scaleable way.

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Our team of experts, based in our Dublin HQ is ready to o talk to you on how we can use our scientific modelling experience to solve complex problems facing your organisation.

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