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Shelf-life Extension System

Extend the shelf-life of your food by preventing spoilage

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Platform Overview

This easy to use system enables users to identify the spoilage organisms causing a reduction in shelf-life – and prevents them from occurring. The system provides a rapid investigation and diagnosis on the spoilers, their likely source and actions to take to eliminate them.


Simple engagement model
Send your food products to us, we complete the analysis. Access your results and insight on the interactive platform. See the spoilers, their likely sources, along with suggested preventive actions.

Platform technology and use

The platform comes preloaded with over 1,000 microorganisms, including known spoilers, including their most likely source (where known). If the user already knows or suspects what the spoiler is, the database can be searched, and the user can decide on what action to take to prevent the occurrences without the requirement to run the metagenomics step. The most likely source or cause of the spoilage contamination is determined by mining a database of known spoilers along with their likely origins of contamination.

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Delivering Results

An overview of the process flow is as follows: The product development team wishes to extend the shelf-life of a product. It is suspected that spoilage is the primary factor in reducing the shelf-life. You log into the platform, record details of the issue and schedule a metagenomic analysis of the product. The platform provides information on how, where and when to take the samples. Sampling and shipping materials can be preordered and used as required, or can be shipped on request. (We recommend keeping materials in stock so that they are ready to go when required).

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