Risk Analysis

Understanding risk is a fundamental part of business and government. We have the tools and expertise to help you get the insights you need. Using your data with our database building, modelling technologies and rigorous scientific approach, we deliver clearer insights which underpin important decisions for your business or organisation.


What it is?

Risk analysis is the process of identifying and analyzing potential issues that could negatively impact key business initiatives or critical projects in order to help organizations avoid or mitigate those risks. It is a very broad area which includes diverse risks. Risk is uncertain by its nature but can be quantified and understood using data and scientific modelling.

Quantitative and probabilistic
risk modelling

Our Data Foundry and Expert Models platforms create the basis for delivering advanced quantitative risk analysis. We implement commercial-grade risk models for industry and deliver them using a user-friendly web-based interface. This takes your risk analysis out of Excel and into a robust probabilistic modelling framework using the latest computing and programming technologies.

In many scenarios, assumptions must be made and estimates computed. Coming up with a single point estimate for key inputs can be challenging and misleading. It is more realistic and accurate to give a range. For example, a minimum, maximum and most likely value. Typically, we consult a group of experts on missing data and come to a consensus on the range and magnitude of these values.

Once agreed, missing data can be represented by a probabilistic expression and that information is then propagated through our model using a probabilistic modelling technique, such as Monte Carlo simulation. In Monte Carlo simulation, inputs are entered as data ranges of possible values to represent variability and/or uncertainty, and the model is iterated to explore the problem space and compute the risk. Typically, the greater the number of variables and input ranges the greater the number of iterations required for the simulation to converge.

At Creme Global, we have deep expertise in running large calculations such as these on our scalable cloud-based platform, Expert Models.


Our risk analysis services include

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