Supply Chain Safety & Security

With the increasing complexity of the supply chain and the constant propensity for food hazards, managing safety and security risk in the supply chain has become a significant challenge. We provide the implementation of an automated supply chain risk assessment that incorporates horizon scanning, risk ranking, and predictions.

Data aggregation, visualisation and machine learning combined in one tool will provide you with a solution to inform you about rankings of your suppliers, products and/or ingredients by risk and to make predictions around future risks.

For the food industry, it is crucial to identify all underlying drivers for the likelihood of occurrence of risks along the supply chain. Keeping track of each supplier, raw material or product can be an overwhelming task. Our customised model combines data from a wide variety of your internal and external data sets that are considered to impact your supply chain and can help you make faster and consolidated decisions.

Problems we solve

  • View and analyse your data sets on a secure, centralised, user-friendly platform.
  • Discover the main drivers that impact food hazard risks and benefit from transparency and the ability to drill down into underlying data within the tool.
  • Ranking products, ingredients or suppliers by highest risk for food safety but also food security.
  • Prioritise emerging and impactful supply chain challenges using machine learning to create predictions as to where future risks are likely to occur before food hazards actually happen.


Business impact risk of exposure
  • Combine a risk ranking score with specific sets of business risks for every given product that is sold into a particular market.
  • Prioritise the sourcing of ingredients depending on the associated business impacts.
  • Design your individual business impact scenario considering eg. sales data, vocal power of the customer, brand damage, cost of a product recall and vulnerability of exposed consumer groups.






Classic Supply Chain
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With increasing complexity of the supply chain and the constant propensity for both unintentional and intentional food safety hazards managing risk in the supply chain in a comprehensive and timely manner has become a significant challenge.
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It was a pleasure working with Creme Ltd; we truly appreciated the high level of knowledge and professionalism demonstrated by Creme throughout this project.

Dr Barbara Hall, L’Oreal and Chairperson of Colipa Safety Team
Colipa European Cosmetics Industry Association

During our long-lasting collaboration with Creme, the team has always demonstrated technical competence and provided rapid feedback in resolving all day to day problems related to the use of the software. Moreover the team have shown that they have the capability of supporting their clients in their efforts to develop new ideas and share their customers’ enthusiasm for achieving important goals.

David Arcella, Researcher, INRAN