The Top 10 Reasons We Created an AI/ML Steering Group in Creme Global

Creme Global has always been at the cutting edge of data science and computing since its formation in 2005. With the increasing number of businesses across a wide range of industries requiring AI/ML to stay at the cutting edge, we have formed a dedicated AI/ML steering group.

Here are the top 10 reasons why we created this steering group:

  1. With the developing maturity of AI/ML techniques, we are seeing a growth in opportunities to apply these techniques in projects with our clients and partners. The questions we are getting asked these days (e.g. around fraud detection, predicting food safety issues in production, genomics, optimization,  etc… ) require the use of AI/ML techniques and this steering group is set to ensure that we have the capability that we need in this area.
  2. There is so much hype and activity in the AI/ML fields, a major goal of the steering group to help us to cut through the noise to ensure that we understand the best technologies, methods and resources in this field – be they Python libraries, articles or learning resources. This will ensure that we are bringing the best AI/ML learnings and solutions to our work.
  3. Some challenges facing industry right now are so complex that they cannot be solved by humans alone. Determining correlations between multiple interrelated parameters and how they influence each other and the outcome can be extraordinarily challenging, and this, unfortunately, is how most things occur in the real world. Trying to model and solve these scenarios with basic calculations and expert intuition can only get you so far. This is where the real strength of AI/ML comes to the fore. This is the world in which we, here in Creme Global, excel. Building models and using AI/ML to get closer to modelling the real world.
  4. We want to engage with the AI/ML communities globally to learn and to share these learnings both inside and outside of the company. To do this, we review the growing volume of scientific and technical publications to distil down the key trends and lessons in an understandable and meaningful way.
  5. Explainability in AI is vital to increase the trust and to reduce the risk in the use of AI models. Our AI Steering group will ensure that we maintain the balance between complexity and interpretability of our models for clients and partners.
  6. At Creme Global, we excel at reviewing the latest research, determining the most suitable techniques and developing user-friendly and robust software models for delivery to industry clients in a secure and scalable manner. As AI/ML are becoming increasingly important, this steering group will enable us to ensure continued progress in this area.
  7. Organisations are maturing in how they manage their data and these data sets have grown in size and quality. Furthermore, we have curated vast data sets from the public and private domains. AI and ML models can learn and discover new information from this data, to solve new scientific and business challenges.
  8. Little is known on the cumulative effects of exposure to different chemicals and with the ban on animal testing in cosmetics in force in Europe, we need to develop models that are powerful enough to capture and analyse the modes of action of these chemicals and how they interact with the human body. Furthermore, exposure assessments are extremely complex given the huge variety of exposure patterns, due to the fact that every person has different characteristics and habits. AI/ML methods have the right degree of power and refinement to capture and manage this complexity. There is currently a gap in the application of AI/ML in these fields and we are working to apply these techniques that we believe will lead to new and exciting breakthroughs. This will ultimately help us to ensure the safety of chemicals and will have a positive impact on peoples’ lives and health.
  9. Our Predict Conference has seen a growing demand for AI/ML speakers since it was established in 2015. One goal of this steering group is to guide our conversations around AI/ML and to make sure we are focussed on the right areas for Predict and beyond.
  10. And finally, to form a great team that can compete in a Kaggle competition or two!

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