How Data Science Is Revolutionising Food Science

Can data science drive advances in food safety? Panellists in the “Data Revolution: Is Food Safety Sitting on the Sidelines?” session tackled big questions about big data in a wide-ranging IFT SHIFT20 conference conversation.

COVID-19 and Food Safety

One of the less obvious effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been its impact on the traditional food supply chain. From initial lockdowns that brought about shortages to later normalisation of the pandemic measures that drove a significant shift from in-person shopping to digital, online channels.

Food safety for infants – Getting it right

SAFFI (SAfe Food For Infants in the EU and China) targets food for EU’s 15 million and China’s 45 million children under the age of three. Project aims at developing an integrated approach to enhance the identification, assessment, detection and mitigation of safety risks raised by microbial and chemical hazards all along EU and China infant food chains.

Latest NHANES data and the right tools to understand it

Properly harnessing available data requires innovative and validated solutions that circumvent hype and buzzwords and instead focus on using advanced data access, analytics and predictive modelling harmoniously. Such solutions can then be used to underpin important safety and risk assessment decisions made by the industry and governments.

Raising COVID-19 Resilience Using Health Boosting Ingredients

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to put a strain on our lives, people are forced to change everyday habits to remain healthy. One positive outcome is that healthy living is now top priority, and people are actively looking to find ways to boost their immune system through exercise and diet.

Healthy ♥ Chocolate

Before your inbox gets filled with heart emojis and other love related imagery ahead of Valentine’s Day, now is the perfect time to consider what you’re doing to keep your real heart healthy.

AI and Food – What can it do for you?

Creme Global Head of Data Modelling and Statistics, John O’Brien, offered his insights for the discussion paper ‘AI & Predictive Analytics for Food Risk Prevention’, published as part of the EU-funded digital transformation initiative called Big Data Grapes.

Condensation: The Hidden Enemy of Food Safety?

Microbes are ubiquitous in nature. Their prevalence and spread – even with sanitisation procedures – is evident in food production environments. But what about condensation? Could this be just as big an enemy?

AI – The Time is Now

The benefit and power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been discussed for years. However, recent challenges in the food industry have accelerated it’s implementation. AI is now part of the food industry revolution, and it’s here to stay.

Using AI for a Safer Factory

Food safety and consumer health are of utmost importance for the food industry. But even with so many controls in place, foodborne illness can still occur. New approaches are required to enable companies to take a more preventative approach to food safety. So why are companies turning to AI to solve this challenge?

Future of Food Safety – Talks from Creme Global

Cronan McNamara, CEO, Creme GlobalAI and Predictive Modelling in the Food Industry.What Can It Do for You?IAFP 2021, Wednesday, 28 April 2021 Brendan Ring, Commercial Director, Creme GlobalEnabling a Preventative […]

Balancing Sweetness: A How-to Guide

When it comes to beverages, the reformulation challenge is notably simpler, as the sweetness of the sugars can be replaced with far smaller quantities of sweeteners which delivers the desired calorie reduction.

Creme Global team making an impact globally

As part of the PROTECT Education and Outreach program, two of the Creme team visited two schools in Laxmipuram village, in the Andhra Pradesh State in India. Part of the […]

€3M AI project to develop new food products faster

Creme Global has joined with Dawn Farm Foods and University College Dublin’s digital development hub, CeADAR, on a €3M Industrial Research Project to change the landscape of food innovation forever. As part of this, they have secured co-funding from the highly prestigious Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund by the Irish Government.