Condensation: The Hidden Enemy of Food Safety?

Microbes are ubiquitous in nature. Their prevalence and spread – even with sanitisation procedures – is evident in food production environments. But what about condensation? Could this be just as big an enemy?

AI – The Time is Now

The benefit and power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been discussed for years. However, recent challenges in the food industry have accelerated it’s implementation. AI is now part of the food industry revolution, and it’s here to stay.

Using AI for a Safer Factory

Food safety and consumer health are of utmost importance for the food industry. But even with so many controls in place, foodborne illness can still occur. New approaches are required to enable companies to take a more preventative approach to food safety. So why are companies turning to AI to solve this challenge?

Future of Food Safety – Talks from Creme Global

Cronan McNamara, CEO, Creme GlobalAI and Predictive Modelling in the Food Industry.What Can It Do for You?IAFP 2021, Wednesday, 28 April 2021 Brendan Ring, Commercial Director, Creme GlobalEnabling a Preventative Approach to Managing Microbial Risk in a Manufacturing Environment through Omics and Predictive MicrobiologyIAFP 2021, Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Balancing Sweetness: A How-to Guide

When it comes to beverages, the reformulation challenge is notably simpler, as the sweetness of the sugars can be replaced with far smaller quantities of sweeteners which delivers the desired calorie reduction.

Creme Global team making an impact globally

As part of the PROTECT Education and Outreach program, two of the Creme team visited two schools in Laxmipuram village, in the Andhra Pradesh State in India. Part of the program is to raise social awareness on climate change in school children. Gopi Talari and Rhea Sanjiv Chhaya of the Data team worked with one […]

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