Navigating Uncertainty in Food Safety with Creme Global’s Data Science and Scientific Expertise

Reflections by Creme Global CEO Cronan McNamara on his talk at the Dubai International Food Safety Conference.

Reflections by Creme Globals CEO Cronan McNamara on his talk at the Dubai International Food Safety Conference.


  • Introduction
  • The Challenge of Uncertainty in Food Safety
  • Our Core Solution: Secure Data Trusts
  • Proactive Data Utilization in Food Safety
  • Illustrating Our Impact: Case Studies
  • Conclusion: Data Sharing as the Key to Future Success


modelling different future scenarios and probabilistic trends

During my recent presentation at the Dubai International Food Safety Conference, I delved into the inherent uncertainty that challenges the field of food safety. This uncertainty forms a complex backdrop against which we at Creme Global develop our data science platforms, combining data security with deep scientific knowledge to create effective data trust solutions. My talk highlighted how our approach is not only responding to these challenges but also pioneering new pathways in global food safety management.

The Challenge of Uncertainty in Food Safety

modeling future uncertain scenarios

In my role at Creme Global, an Irish scientific company, I’ve encountered firsthand the unpredictable nature of food safety. The field is fraught with uncertainties stemming from environmental changes, evolving market dynamics, and unforeseen health risks. Addressing these uncertainties requires a committed approach that only a blend of scientific rigour and sophisticated data analytics can provide.

Our Core Solution: Secure Data Trusts

what is a data trust

Central to our strategy at Creme Global is the establishment of a platform to deploy and manage secure data trusts. These data trusts go beyond technological innovation; they represent an amalgamation of legal frameworks for data sharing and secure technology platforms. This structure not only facilitates efficient and secure data sharing and use but also ensures respect for the data ownership and confidentiality of all participants. The aggregated data is used to benefit all participants through visual and predictive analytics. 

Proactive Data Utilization in Food Safety

Data Sharing System for organizations and companies

It is necessary to take a comprehensive and collaborative approach to utilizing data to improve food safety. By integrating data from various private, public and shared data sources, we create a rich data ecosystem that is powerful enough to develop AI models that can accurately anticipate and manage food safety risks.

Illustrating Our Impact: Case Studies

Western Growers Food Safety Data Sharing Greenlink Platform
  • Western Growers and Greenlink: This partnership shows how shared data is vital for improving food safety practices in the U.S. leafy green industry.
  • FIN Consortium in Europe: Our secure data-sharing platform enables anonymous collective insights into the complex issue of food fraud.
  • FDA Seafood Data Sharing Platform: This project with the FDA highlights the extensive capabilities of our data trusts, which have now expanded beyond seafood to encompass a wider range of food imports.

Conclusion: Data Sharing as the Key to Future Success

global food safety data trust

In the face of the inherent uncertainties in food safety, the sharing of data is not just beneficial—it’s essential. Data sharing is the only way for entities to acquire the required diverse datasets needed to train successful AI models. These models are crucial for predicting and managing the myriad risks associated with food safety. This is challenging for any one organization to achieve, a trusted third party like Creme Global is essential to the success of these initiatives. At Creme Global, we are dedicated to facilitating this crucial data exchange, confident that it is the most effective path to a safer global food supply.

Big Data prediction and prevention food safety

Thank you for allowing me to share insights from my presentation at the Dubai International Food Safety Conference talk. With our robust scientific foundations and cutting-edge data capabilities, I am optimistic about Creme Global’s role in ensuring global food security in an uncertain world.

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