Exposure Assessment

Increase the likelihood of success when submitting new chemicals for approval or re-approval by using Creme Global’s exposure modelling software on Expert Models platform.

Use the software that regulators understand

Companies can increase the likelihood of success when submitting new chemicals for approval or re-approval by using Creme Global’s exposure modelling software. By using the best modelling techniques and the latest datasets, companies are ensured accurate results that reflect real-life scenarios. Other models are less precise and then must rely on inaccurate, non-realistic assumptions. This can result in a failed submission or an inaccurate result.

Creme Global’s easy to use, web-based software can scale to calculate complex exposure assessment on an as-required basis, saving your organisation both time and resources. Companies can also benefit from accessing deep expertise of Creme Global’s staff to source the required data, set up the trial and run the exposure assessments.

Broad range of data

At Creme Global, exposure assessment is all about scientific data modelling. We have developed models and datasets on our Expert Models platform which can deliver detailed exposure results and statistics to our partners and clients worldwide.

Exposure assessment is the process of estimating or measuring the magnitude, frequency and duration of exposure to an agent, along with the number and characteristics of the population exposed. Our philosophy is to gather and use all of the available data, rather than relying on summary statistics as inputs to the calculation. We also aim to describe the sources, pathways, routes, and the uncertainties in the assessment in as much detail as possible. This work is enabled by our Expert Models and Data Foundry products.

Scientific modelling first

Exposure assessment modelling requires the combination of data sources which may have been gathered for very different purposes. This requires skilled scientific modelling to ensure the data is treated correctly and the uncertainties and variabilities are propagated through the model to the results.

Often there are gaps in the data that require scientific judgement to ensure sensible assumptions. In these cases, it is important to document the assumptions transparently and clearly. Experts in Creme Global team can help you overcome data gaps and guide you through the entire process.

Partner you can rely on

Creme Global was founded on the basis of developing and deploying data-driven exposure models. We have developed a data science platform, Expert Models which contains a number of aggregate exposure models available for human exposure to food, chemicals, personal care product ingredients, pesticides, etc. These models can be extended and adapted to new areas using our modular data and scientific modelling system.

Our Research Services include:

  • Carrying out exposure projects and reporting results
  • Gathering and curating new exposure data
  • Exposure literature review and reporting
  • Scientific exposure paper publication writing
  • Impact of market share and consumer loyalty on safety
  • Toxicology and acceptable daily intakes (ADI) vs exposure
  • Exposure assessment scenario analysis



Using our Expert Models and Data Foundry products, you can:

  • Develop and deploy data portals to gather and anonymise new high-value data sets
  • Access existing datasets and models for human exposure from multiple sources
  • Carry out statistical analysis on curated datasets
  • License our existing models for exposure in human health
  • Work with us to develop new models on exposure scenarios of interest to you

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CARES NG is a cloud hosted software for generating scientific analysis and reports using both dietary and residential modules.
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