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Spoilage Identification and Prevention Platform

This service enables food and beverage companies to gain a deep insight into what is happening to their product over time.


Are you facing questions like?

  • What is causing one product to have a different taste or sensory profile than other products that appear identical otherwise? 
  • Why are some batches different from others? 
  • Why are some products spoiling faster than others? 
  • What is changing in my product during its lifecycle (pre/post harvest, processing, ripening, shelf-life)?

Powered by industry leading technology

This state of the art technology, known as next-generation sequencing, developed for the clinical industry, is now being used in the food and beverage industry.

The technology works across all food & beverage types: meat, dairy, fruit and veg, seeds & nuts, cereals, alternative proteins, etc. Includes analysis of the microbial, viral, fungal and yeast profiles of the matrix of the product and the peel or packaging where relevant.


Our service and platform simplify the process. Send us your product (or samples) and we provide a report to answer the question of interest, along with access to an interactive dashboard.

Option 1

Send your products to us and we process them for you. (This can include shelf-life and stressed condition studies).

Option 2

Order our sample kits, take the samples and send them to us. (This freezes and protects the DNA in its current state).

Following either option you will receive a report that provides insight on the most likely sources, causes and preventative actions that you can take and secure access to an interactive dashboard to browse and analyze the information.

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