We work with leading organisations across different sectors to enable better decision making in food science, human health, operational risk and scenario analysis.

FDI - Reformulation Project

Reformulation Project: When industry leaders act collectively to improve their products, the results can be very impactful, yet difficult to quantify.

Domain: Nutrition

Activities: Safe Data Collection | Data wrangling | Domain consultancy


Determining the effect of polyphenols and bioactive peptides on cardiovascular health (FP7)

Domain: Nutrition Software Used:     Creme Nutrition XX

Activities: Domain consultancy | Total Aggregate Exposure | Safe Data Collection

Children’s Health and Food Packaging - TCD

Is our children's health affected by the packaging their food comes in?

Domain: Food Safety, Packaging        Software used: Creme Food Safety

Activities: Domain consultancy | Consumer Intake Assessment | Safe Data Collection | Data wrangling


ODIN aims to provide high quality scientific evidence to prevent vitamin D deficiency in European citizens and improve nutrition and public health through food.

Domain: Nutrition download

FSAI - Irish Salt Reduction Programme

Irish Salt Reduction Programme: Using Creme Global's expertise and software the FSAI were able to analyse the salt intake of the Irish population

Domain: Nutrition     Software: Creme Food Safety

Activities: Consumer Intake Assessment | Safe Data Collection | Data wrangling

ILSI - Commercial Fats/Oils Substitution Project

Commercial Fats/Oils Substitution Project: The widespread use of oils with heart-healthy fatty acid profiles were of interest to the ILSI North America Lipid Committee.

Domain: Nutrition

Activities: Domain consultancy | Safe Data Collection | Data wrangling


Along with researchers at University College Dublin Creme Global have designed an online tool that will record the nutritional habits of the Irish population.

Domain: Nutrition

Activities: Software Development | Data wrangling