We work with leading organisations across different sectors to enable better decision making in food science, human health, operational risk and scenario analysis.

Milk Drink Fortification

Creme Global’s work in data preparation and dietary intake modelling enabled the detailed simulation of the fortified product’s consumption and the subsequent impact of this nutritional intake change on hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease Risk.

Domain: Nutrition   

Advanced Model Creation | Safe Data Collection | Data Wrangling | Software Development

FDI - Reformulation Project

Reformulation Project: When industry leaders act collectively to improve their products, the results can be very impactful, yet difficult to quantify.

Domain: Nutrition

Activities: Safe Data Collection | Data wrangling | Domain consultancy


Determining the effect of polyphenols and bioactive peptides on cardiovascular health (FP7)

Domain: Nutrition Software Used:     Creme Nutrition XX

Activities: Domain consultancy | Total Aggregate Exposure | Safe Data Collection

Children’s Health and Food Packaging - TCD

Is our children's health affected by the packaging their food comes in?

Domain: Food Safety, Packaging        Software used: Creme Food Safety

Activities: Domain consultancy | Consumer Intake Assessment | Safe Data Collection | Data wrangling


ODIN aims to provide high quality scientific evidence to prevent vitamin D deficiency in European citizens and improve nutrition and public health through food.

Domain: Nutrition download

FSAI - Irish Salt Reduction Programme

Irish Salt Reduction Programme: Using Creme Global's expertise and software the FSAI were able to analyse the salt intake of the Irish population

Domain: Nutrition     Software: Creme Food Safety

Activities: Consumer Intake Assessment | Safe Data Collection | Data wrangling

ILSI - Commercial Fats/Oils Substitution Project

Commercial Fats/Oils Substitution Project: The widespread use of oils with heart-healthy fatty acid profiles were of interest to the ILSI North America Lipid Committee.

Domain: Nutrition

Activities: Domain consultancy | Safe Data Collection | Data wrangling


Along with researchers at University College Dublin Creme Global have designed an online tool that will record the nutritional habits of the Irish population.

Domain: Nutrition

Activities: Software Development | Data wrangling