Safeguarding reputations through trusted science and data sharing.

We are leading efforts to improve global consumer safety by fostering communication and data sharing between industries and regulators.

Promoting and facilitating data sharing between organizations

Solving unique tasks across a number of industries

We combine our deep scientific expertise with accurate predictive models to support regulatory requirements, risk assessment and root cause analysis across a number of industries. Our deep understanding of problems faced by industry leaders can help you achieve better results and deliver safer products and services to your customers.

Navigating complex data challenges for you

Our solutions can provide fresh insights tailored specifically to your organization’s needs. With our expert team guiding you towards the best solution, we can help you get most our of your data and solve industry specific challenges.

Trusted by leaders

Our work is recognised by leading food, cosmetic,  chemical companies and main regulators in both Europe and the United States.

Western Growers Association

Delivering difference
making solutions

Discover how our experts leveraged various disciplines and approaches across a number of industries to advance product safety and protect reputations.


Reducing the use of animal testing in the fragrance industry

RIFM and Creme Global have partnered to develop an aggregate exposure model for fragrance materials that has substantially improved consumer safety and reduced the use of animal testing in the fragrance industry.

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