Creme Global offers a wide range solutions across number of different industries.

Scientific Modelling

Solve complex problems in your organisation, market or industry and get your data modelling projects off the ground quickly.

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Supply Chain Risk

Overcome the increasing complexity of the supply chain and improve the management of safety, security and environmental risks.

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Enabling controlled and collaborative research work and faster research to production times.

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Predictive Microbiology

Monitor factory wide microbiome using next generation genomic techniques and use machine learning to predict the likelihood of safety or quality concerns.

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Gather and leverage new data for improved decision making in the nutrition industry using our Expert Models and Data Foundry products.

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Personal Care & Cosmetics

Use scientific modelling and analytics to gain insights and drive better, quicker decision making so that your organisation can compete more effectively and overcome complexity in product development, regulation, safety and marketing.

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Exposure Assessment

Increase the likelihood of success when submitting new chemicals for approval or reapproval by using Creme Global’s exposure modelling software on Expert Models platform.

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Pave the way for the next generation of packaging materials or solve critical supply chain problems with our Expert Models and Data Foundry products.

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Food Safety

Compliment your food safety practices with advanced use of data and scientific modelling for significant savings in time and resources.

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