AI & Machine Learning

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the way we work in industry and government.


Predictive Power

Machine learning has come into its own in recent years as computing power has become cheaper, data sets more comprehensive and methods have matured. The predictive power has been demonstrated many times in recent years from powerful recommender systems, marketing optimisation, fraud detection, document scanning and text classification. Machine learning models are excellent at recognising patterns in data which are difficult for humans to perceive.

Rapidly expanding field

The machine learning and AI fields are changing rapidly. There are a wide variety of techniques available from supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning to neural networks, decision trees, Bayesian networks and genetic algorithms.

A fundamental understanding of the field is essential to solving problems with machine learning. It takes a deep knowledge of mathematics, statistics, databases and computing.

Data models and infrastructure are needed to deliver on the potential of this technology. We have developed the expertise and a platform to bring AI out of the lab and into production in your organisation efficiently and cost-effectively.


Data Foundation and Collaborative System

Our Data Foundry platform provides the database foundation for these projects and our Expert Models platform provides the full end-to-end machine learning environment for training and deploying models. We provide the full project delivery service from concept to predictive model deployment. No two projects are the same, so we test and chose the most suitable approaches and technologies as required by the prediction challenge in each project.


Deploying a machine learning project with Data Foundry

Data Foundry is used in fundational stages of a machine learning project. This includes data review and preparation, design of a data model and database linking or setup as well as linking and labelling target variables.

Using Expert Models for full power of predictive modelling

Expert Models enables us to deploy suitable computing resources and infrastructure, connect the database and machine learning system and choose and test the various machine learning algorithms. Within Expert Models we can train the model using various ensemble methods for robustness and deploy a trained model for real-time predictions.


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We work with the largest food, cosmetic and chemical brands in the world and also with main industry regulators in both the US and Europe.


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