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Parabens are esters of para-hydroxybenzoic acid that have been used as preservatives in many types of products for decades including agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics. This illustrative case study with propylparaben (PP) demonstrates a 10-step read-across (RAX) framework in practice. It aims at establishing a proof-of-concept for the value…
Authors: Gladys Ouedraogo a, Camilla Alexander-White b, Dagmar Bury c, Harvey J. Clewell III d, Mark Cronin e, Tom Cull f, Matthew Dent f, Bertrand Desprez g, Ann Detroyer a, Corie Ellison h, Stefania Giammanco i, Eric Hack j, Nicola J. Hewitt k, Gerry Kenna l, Martina Klaric g, Reinhard Kreiling m, Cathy Lester n, Catherine Mahony n, Enrico Mombelli o, Jorge Naciff h, John O’Brien i, Andreas Schepky p, Sarah Tozer n, Bart van der Burg q, Barbara van Vugt-Lussenburg q, Sharon Stuard h, Cosmetics Europe
Publication date: 01/05/2022
In daily life, many people use large amounts of personal care products (PCPs) on a regular basis. For determining the risk to consumers, product usage amount, frequency of use, and co-use patterns are essential information. In this study, the PCP usage patterns of Korean consumers were analyzed, and the…
Authors: KeunOh Choi,Namkyu Lee, Yoonhee Uhm, Joo Won Kim, Eunkyung Lim, YoungJoo Lee
Publication date: 04/10/2022
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