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Feed to fork risk assessment of mycotoxins under climate change influences – recent developments

Rhea Sanjiv Chhaya, JohnO'Brien, EndaCummins

Science Direct


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Aggregate exposure modelling of vitamin A from cosmetic products, diet and food supplements

Tozer, S & Cian O'Mahony, Jen Hannah, John O'Brien, Seamus Kelly, Kirstin Kosemund-Meynen, Camilla Alexander-White

Food and Chemical Toxicology, Volume 131, September 2019, 110549


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Next generation of microbiological risk assessment: Potential of omics data for exposure assessment

W.den Besten Heidy M., Alejandro Am茅zquita, Sara Bover-Cid, St茅phane Dagnas, Mariem Ellouze, Sandrine Guillou, George Nychas, Cian O'Mahony, Fernando P茅rez-Rodriguez, Jeanne-Marie Membr茅

International Journal of Food Microbiology Volume 287, 20 December 2018, Pages 18-27


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Investigation of the potential for a simplified exposure tool in medical nutrition (SETIM) to minimise exposures to sweeteners in young patients aged 1-3 years with PKU and CMPA

O鈥橲ullivan Aaron J., Cian O鈥橫ahony, Leo Meunier, Nik Loveridge & Aideen I. McKevitt

Pages 1453-1463 | Received 21 Mar 2018, Accepted 06 Jun 2018, Accepted author version posted online: 18 Jun 2018, Published online: 11 Jul 2018


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Healthy ageing: the natural consequences of good nutrition鈥攁 conference report

Marsman D, D. W. Belsky 路 D. Gregori 路 M. A. Johnson 路 T. Low Dog 路 S. Meydani 路 S. Pigat 路 R. Sadana 路 A. Shao 路 J. C. Griffiths

European Journal of Nutrition


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A probabilistic intake model to estimate the impact of reformulation by the food industry among Irish consumers. Int. J. Food Sci. Nutr. 0, 1鈥8 (2018).

Pigat, S., Connolly, A., Cushen, M., Cullen, M. & O鈥橫ahony, C.

International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition


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Predictive modelling of the exposure to Steviol Glycosides in Irish patients aged 1-3 years with Phenylketonuria and Cow鈥檚 milk protein allergy

O鈥橲ullivan Aaron J., Sandrine Pigat, Cian O鈥橫ahony, Michael J. Gibney & Aideen I. McKevitt

Food Additives & Contaminants: Part A Volume 35, 2018 - Issue 1


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