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Fibre and micronutrient intakes among fruit juice consumers and non-consumers in the UK and France: Modelling the effects of consumption of an orange pomace juice product

Fruit intake, including consumption of 100% fruit juice, is generally associated with a better diet quality and overall health. However, fruit and vegetable intakes are below recommendations in many countries.

The present study examined fruit juice intake and total energy and nutrient intakes according to juice consumption or non-consumption in participants in the National Dietary and Nutrition Survey Rolling Programme 2014–2016 in the UK (n = 2723) and the Individual and National Study on Food Consumption 2006–2007 (n = 4079) in France. Total energy and nutrient intakes were also estimated for scenarios in which orange juice with pomace was either added to the daily diet or replaced 100% orange juice or beverages containing fruit juice.

Authors: Mary R. Dicklin, Rebecca Barron, Shellen Goltz, Janet Warren, Thomas Boileau, Sandrine Pigat, Kevin C. Maki

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